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We believe our church is a place where "we keep on learning together."

Life Long Learning programs
  Most programs will be scheduled for the second and/or fourth Wednesdays, 4:00—5:30 of each month.  Content will be varied, including philosophy, history, spirituality, archaeology, and education.  Most programs include time for audience questions and comments.

The LLL Committee is interested in receiving proposals or ideas for consideration

 LLL Programs in the Summer are by special announcement. 


Due to the Coronavirus  The Life Long Learning programs will be conducted on Zoom until it is deemed safe to return to the UUCOB building. 

FALL PROGRAMS FOR 2020 begin in September
       All programs will be conducted on Zoom until further notice.


   Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 4:00—5:30

Early Developments in Christianity

 Reverend Kathryn Tew Rickey

 In the early years following Jesus' death, his disciples and followers were left to ponder his teachings and live into them as best they could. Among the earliest Christians there were varied thoughts and beliefs not only about what Jesus taught but also about the nature of his human existence. Reverend Kathy will take a look at some of those varied beliefs and at a few non-canonical gospels. Then she will turn our attention to the key people and events which led to today's Christianity.

 Kathy Tew Rickey is an ordained Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister. She serves the UU Congregation of Ormond Beach. Rev. Rickey has served congregations in Rochester, Syracuse, and Cortland, New York. She also served as a hospital chaplain in Rochester. Before becoming a minister, Rev. Rickey was a banking consultant and continuing education teacher. She raised two daughters and several dogs while living in various places in the Eastern U.S. Over the years, she has taught many adult and youth religious education courses in the context of congregational life   Zoom Link

Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 4:00—5:30 

Carl Jung:  A Study in Contrasts.  Psychologist or Mystic?

 Dan Kennedy 

                                                           Life Long Learning Program

                                               Unitarian-Universalist Congregation 

                                               56 N. Halifax Dr, Ormond Beach, FL 

Jung was one of the major figures in the early development of both theoretical & applied psychology.  There has always been a question as to whether he was as much a mystic as a psychologist.  This presentation will examine that issue &, as well,  early developments in psychology & Jung's career & life in general.  While he is no longer a significant influence in mainstream psychology he continues to be of interest for many people.

Dr. Dan Kennedy is retired from a career that combined psychology & education, spent mainly in university settings (Univ of Oregon, Univ of Hawaii, & Florida International Univ).  In retirement he has been involved in study of a variety of areas & in various adult education activities


Fall of 2020         PAST PROGRAMS

Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 4:00—5:30   

What do Aging, Cancer, and the Short Life of the Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians have in common?  Presented by Steve Estabrooks

 Argopecten irradians is a common name for Atlantic bay scallop or bay scallop. Dr. Estabrooks will discuss his research on Argopecten irradians, their reproductive cycle, and their lifespans. A bay scallop can double its weight postspawning and storing nutrients in the form of carbohydrates, lipids, and protein for an upcoming winter.  

Steve Estabrooks  has a PH.D. from the University of Rhode Island. He has worked in hospital laboratories and conducted research in marine biology on the island of Nantucket. He has taught courses on advanced biology, whales, chemistry, criminal investigations and marine biology to high school students.

 Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 4:00—5:30

 Two Hundred Years of Great Scientists  presented by William A. Hilburn

 When people think about the greatest scientists in history, most focus on two: Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.  Though these two individuals both contributed to our understanding of the world and changed the direction of science during their lifetime, they are separated by 200 hundred years of the most profound and amazing discoveries.  In this talk Drew Hilburn will discuss the contributions of the other great scientists during this 200 year interva , which enabled Einstein to enhance and extend one of Newton's greatest accomplishments. 

 Drew is an Advanced Placement Physics teacher at Mainland High School and is currently serving in his 27th year.  He has taught physics at the junior high, high school and college levels, and was recently named teacher of the year at Mainland High School.

Due to the Pandemic the spring programs have been postponed.

 Programs for Spring 2020

 January 22, 2020  Jim Cunningham "Literature of the Sea "

 February 12, 2020__ Martha Brant “A Journey of the Heart into Andalucía, the Jewel of Islamic Spain “

 February 26__Henry Pate “Health of Aquatic Environments       

 March 11, 2020- “Surviving the Holocaust:  My Story Beatrice Schemer


Regular LLL programs resume in September


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