OUR MISSION is to encourage and facilitate consideration of ethics, philosophies, and religions and the development of our individual values and beliefs; to provide opportunities for fellowship and mutual support; to establish and maintain a vigorous Unitarian Universalist presence in our local community; and to expand our membership.

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Services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays.
Childcare and Religious Education from 10:15 to 11:45.
Coffee & Conversation - 11:30 to 12

The building is wheel chair accessible.


CONGREGATIONAL MEETING February 18, 11:45 to 12:15

Prior to the 10:30 am service, the Discussion Group meets at 9:15 a.m.  

After the service join us for "Coffee, Cookies and Conversation"

       SUNDAY SERVICES                                                

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 February 4 , 2018
9:15 Discussion Group Topic: "Scientific Truth".
10:30 Service:Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey,  The Implicit “We”                                                 If we are to become a radically hospitable and diverse congregation, we must be conscientious and intentional about exactly who is included in the “We.” Another way to put it: it is always good to check our assumptions and we must take care, as members of the dominant culture, not to appropriate cultural artifacts from cultures in which we have no experience.  Audio of Sermon
Service Leader:Linda Kalaydjian

 February 11, 2018
9:15 Discussion Group Topic:  Immigration
10:30 Service:Dr. Dan Gribbin, “Teaching Tolerance”.The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to instilling in the younger generation a sense of appreciation for the diversity in America. To equip young people with the tools to combat racism and bigotry, the SPLC has developed a curriculum for teachers called “Teaching Tolerance.” Within that curriculum are lessons for us all.   Audio of Sermon
Service Leader: Rita Scheeler 

February 18 , 2018
9:15 Discussion Group Topic:  "ME TOO and Women".
10:30 Service:Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey,   Before the Mayflower                                            There is a robust history of people of color, including those present at Jamestown (an early settlement) and other frontiers of Colonial America before the migration of Pilgrims and others from England and Europe. My source is largely Leronne Bennett’s encyclopedia of Black History titled, “Before the Mayflower.”

SHARE-THE-PLATE— Meals on Wheels  
Service Leader: Bill Ternent 

 February 25 , 2018
9:15 Discussion Group Topic:  
10:30 Service: Dr. Charles Carroll, “The Journey to Inner Peace: The Challenges and the Glory”   Inner peace is one of the most valuable possessions. Yet, for many of us, inner peace is hidden below layers of preconceived notions, doubt, fear, and confirmation bias. While the journey can be difficult, the end makes it all worthwhile. We must be willing to continuously move forward and meet each challenge forthrightly.
Service Leader: Cliff Jackson




Audio of Past services

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