OUR MISSION is to encourage and facilitate consideration of ethics, philosophies, and religions and the development of our individual values and beliefs; to provide opportunities for fellowship and mutual support; to establish and maintain a vigorous Unitarian Universalist presence in our local community; and to expand our membership.

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Services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays.
Childcare and Religious Education from 10:15 to 11:45.
Coffee & Conversation - 11:30 to 12

The building is wheel chair accessible.

Pledge Campaign - HOW ARE WE DOING?

 May  7th 5 pm at UUCOB - come enjoy an afternoon of wonderful music:  Classics, Tango and Cakewalk

Meet our Ministerial Candidate - May 1st to May 8th

The Ministerial Search Committee is pleased to announce that UU minister Kathy Tew Rickey has agreed to be our ministerial candidate and will be with us from May 1st to May 8th.  We hope you'll be able to join us as often as possible during that time at various activities, which will be announced. 

Greetings to UUCOB from Kathy Rickey  You can say "No Thank You" to joining Dropbox and go on to view the greeting.

Here are three links to YouTube glimpses of Kathy Rickey:
Brief closing remarks.   

Sermon:  Part one and Part two

Kathy Rickey’s Ministerial Packet highlights her work, and statements of interests and beliefs.  

 Ministerial Search Committee's Information Packet 

Ministerial Search Committee's Survey Report 11-12-2014

Prior to the 10:30 am service, the Discussion Group meets at 9:15 a.m.  

After the service join us for "Coffee, Cookies and Conversation"

       SUNDAY SERVICES                                                

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April 24, 2016

9:15 Discussion Group, Topic: "Story, Lesson or Person that affected your life".
10:30 Service:—
  Our Fifth Principle—Celebrating Our Democratic Process"                                                                                                               Let us take some time to affirm and celebrate "the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process" as we prepare to make decisions that will affect our congregation for the next year.  This service will include music by our choir and will be shorter than usual, to allow us to begin our Annual Meeting by 11:30.

Service Leader:  Denise Carter


May 1,  2016
9:15 Discussion Group, Topic:
 "The Importance of Being versus Doing"
10:30 Service  Ministerial Candidate:  Kathryn Tew Rickey    "Riding Out the White Water" –    Life without rough spots is rare. We know this yet when we see rapids ahead, we often panic and try to do everything we can to avoid riding out the roiling waters. When we enter into rough waters in a state of panic, we are a danger to ourselves and to others who might be sharing a raft with us. How then can we prepare ourselves to navigate the white waters of life?
Service Leader: Cliff Jackson

May 8,  2016
9:15 Discussion Group, Topic:
10:30 Service Ministerial Candidate:  Kathryn Tew Rickey 
"Where Have All the Goddesses Gone?" –  In our Western Culture, we are almost devoid of mother archetypes as represented in myths, legends, and stories of the immortal. How does the absence of goddesses in our western psyches affect who we are individually and collectively?
ervice Leader: Linda Kalaydjian

May 15,  2016
9:15 Discussion Group, Topic:
10:30 Service: 
Rev. Lyn Plum    “The Lost Language” (Marketplace sermon)
  Share the Plate – F.A.I.T.H. – Leigh Montgomery                
ervice Leader: Phil Elliott      

May 22,  2016
9:15 Discussion Group, Topic:
10:30 Service:
Michael Kane -- Sangha: The Importance of a Supportive Community”                 
ervice Leader: --Denise Carter


May 29,  2016
9:15 Discussion Group, Topic:
10:30 Service:
–Rev. Lyn Plumb    “Memorial Day
ervice Leader: --Bill Ternent




Audio of Past services

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