OUR MISSION is to encourage and facilitate consideration of ethics, philosophies, and religions and the development of our individual values and beliefs; to provide opportunities for fellowship and mutual support; to establish and maintain a vigorous Unitarian Universalist presence in our local community; and to expand our membership.

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Services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays.
Childcare and Religious Education from 10:15 to 11:45.
Coffee & Conversation - 11:30 to 12

The building is wheel chair accessible.

  Prior to the 10:30 am service, the Discussion Group meets at 9:15 a.m.  

After the service join us for "Coffee, Cookies and Conversation"

       SUNDAY SERVICES                                                

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March 26, 2017

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:" U.S. Public Healthcare".

10:30 Service:— Sheila McMahon, Women’s History Month - - -We will celebrate the lives of two women who contributed to bettering the lives of many Americans.        During New York’s 1933 Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy Day declared "Feed the poor and they call you a saint.  But ask why are the poor not being fed, and they call you a Communist!"       Born in 1858 into a socially prominent Philadelphia family, Katherine Drexel was destined to be a debutante. Instead, she dedicated her life and fortune to the material and spiritual well-being of underprivileged Blacks and Native Americans.
Service Leader: Denise Carter

April 2, 2017

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:
10:30 Service
—Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey, “The Gospel of Thomas"    
A look at the non-canonical, enigmatic sayings of Jesus.                                
Service Leader: Jean Scott

 April 9 (Palm Sunday)

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:
10:30 Service:—
Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey, “Of Palm Fronds and Ashes"
The Lenten Season is one of fasting, contemplation, and atonement - all of which says no to a consumerist society. What can we learn from the practice?
Service Leader: Cliff Jackson
                      Share-the-Plate with F.A.I.T.H.

Second Sunday Conversation with the minister

April 16 Easter Sunrise
Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey--Easter Sunrise Service  
On the beach, across from Betty’s Café on A1A (1900 Ocean Shore Blvd, O.B.) at approximately 6:30 a.m.

 April 16 (Easter Sunday)
9:15 Discussion Group Topic: 
10:30 Service:—  — Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey, "Rolling Away the Stone"   We humans tend to bury a lot of emotions within ourselves which we deem undesirable such as shame, hurt, bitterness, and envy. Keeping them buried can hurt us. What's in the tomb of our hearts and can we roll away the stone on what in us needs airing? 
Service Leader: Bill Ternent

 April 23, 2017 (Earth Day)
9:15 Discussion Group Topic: 

10:30 Service:—  Kurtland Davies, “How to be a More Effective Activist”  Are you spending a lot of time working on social justice or environmental issues but not seeing many results? Feeling   frustrated?  Here are two ideas that may help:
(1) Know yourself.  (2) Know that there is no enemy. 
Service Leader:  Gaia Davies


April 30, 2017

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:
10:30 Service:—  D
an Kerr, “Why It’s Important to be a UU Now”
Today we are struck by the question:  Why don’t neighbors live peacefully together without the threat of terrorism, bigotry, hatred, and isolationism?   What can we do about a world in such turmoil?  The answer lies in who we are as Unitarians.  Instead of a sermon this Sunday, our choir will share five readings with the congregation, followed by singing five new anthems, describing the five steps of Unitarian Universalism that can lead us to counter the negative world we live in.
Service Leader: Denise Carter


Audio of Past services

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